Saturday, January 28, 2012

what is wrong with stardoll lately? >:(

ok this is weird i tried to log on as me and it said my account was termantated but i didn't do anything  also didn't get any email or messages from stardoll staff that i did somthing wrong.
if you see where i have circled the trime i took the photos .

       i loged on 3 minutes after i was suposedly termanated what the hell is stardoll doing lately ? >:(


  1. They are Glitching alot at the Moment.

    ~ bracken1234

  2. yeah but on mine itDOES NOT HAVE NO CLORS LOOK

  3. agghhh seriously im trying to finish an Academy challenge and it keeps tlling me to create room style which ive created several times and saved. and still it wont register that ive created it already. grr oh and get this the reward is 24 it just me or does this game seem extremely STINGY when it comes to Star Dollars and Starcoins? you have to be rich to be a SuperStar or Diamond level otherwise regular users have to STRUGGLE their way through. I have to get my good friend to help me out because she has a superstar. what the heck is wrong with this game seriously.