Thursday, January 26, 2012

purple inspired makeup tutorial

set up your facial features like this

 add purple hairdye to your hair

add electric fuchsia eye pencil to outer eye  

 add white collection eye pencil to inner eye 

 add purple potion eye dust all the way up to brow

 add orchid bloom eye shadow all the way up to brow

 use lengthening mascara on both eyes  

add beach peach glitter lipstick to lips 

add cyclamen blush all over both cheeks

lastly add false eyelashes and a head band of any sort 
hope you liked it and write below in comments if you want me to keep making tutorials


  1. It's Really Nice, but i think the Blush is a Little to much. Please Don't stop making them, I Enjoy Seeing them and I Will Enter the contest on your other one soon :)

    ~ bracken1234