Saturday, January 28, 2012

ocean breath a story by candyflossfa

as i walked down the wharf the wind was blowing ferociously, i started walking at a faster pace untill i found myself running and with one last breath i dived head first into the crystal blue water, mind you it was pitch black at night and it was raining, so i found myself swimming for a hugely long time.i passed by many fish and coral and sea creatures, but then i found something priceless,something like you have never seen before, it was a huge castle made out of carved rock, it wasn't big, it was huge, i was scared at first but excited at the same time my heart was pounding so hard that i thought it was going to jump right out of my chest, but to my surprise it didn't. i was swimming around checking things out when i came across a peculiar rectangular rock behind a rock. i swam over to the rock and with all my might i picked it up and moved it just enough so i could swim through to the rock that was being covered , but i couldn't see anything the rectangular rock had all this sea moss on it,i really didn't want to get my hands dirty but i was intrigued, i couldn't help it i started wiping it, to my surprise i started seeing a letter the letter a i kept on wiping the whole thing off t l a n t i s, oh my it says Atlantis i have found the lost city of Atlantis, i started exploring around the castle, alough i didn't know what to expect i still opened the door to the castle, wow!! the walls were gold everything was gold, " i thought this place was only in books"

                                                                                  to be continued   

               did you like tit do you want me to make the second part if so write on comments