Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm Back Finally!

Hey Guys It's Mey :3
I'm back and rearing to go!
Yes Leukemia did get me down, But thanks to you guys and your loverly comments, my sprits stayed high!
Thanks to Chemotherapy, I am back to normal and I have had no side affects!!!
I am so lucky this was caight at the time it was, any later and I could of died.
My Family, Friends and you guys Have been so surportive and I can't thank you enough :')
I will post but not as much aas I have alot of school work and I have to see everyone and thank them.
I want to Thank Destiny for helping me and posting on here, (She is such an amazing sister)
I am so glad to be back.
Thank You Again
Love From


  1. OOOOMMMMGGGEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! mey-rin ur back (*jumping around and saying yay yay yay*)

    welcome back im glad ur better