Friday, March 2, 2012

ATTENTION ALL superstars/royalty/non superstars

SUPERSTARS/ROYALTY: Hey its me karina and i see that we have been slacking and out of my hard earned stardoll cash i decided that i will start paying some of the most active people for advertising the blog all over stardoll(write down where u advertised at give link if in a club) YOU GET PAYED BY HOW MANY POST THAT YOU MAKE. seems fair right?

NON SUPERSTARS: you will also get payed in gifts even though it maybe just a hi cupcake or something else when i become superstar u will get decor gifts. you can also ADVERTISE IN CLUBS TOO! and how ever many post u get thats how many cupcakes you get or decor gifts unless there is something else i can figure out to give you. seems fair right?

any other ideas contact me

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