Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Newest, Awesomest Worker.

Hello:3, I'm October99, You can call me Haylie. Well, I love stardoll and I'm also a DC'er, Yes many people are OC'ers, that's fine. I will not cause any harm and I don't bite. Yes, I know DC will close and I know many DC'ers are leaving. I will give out contest info and more so be sure to check out any latest updates from me! Okay, Enough about me, Add this chica [me too]: CookiessCream. She's an awesome DC'er and you will love her! Add her [and me!]. Hope you enjoy everything I post on here! Thanks to Dallian for making me a part of this wonderful site! Thanks and I will enjoy my stay!
--Haylie, The NEW memeber of this site.

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