Friday, October 14, 2011

Inspired by Mortal Kiss - Biker Chic!

Aww, cute couple! Here's how to get the Biker Chic look - inspired, of course, by the Stardoll novel Mortal Kiss. For the outfit, I used:

Stardesign tank top (skull print)
Rio jeans
Evil Panda Ribbed Moto Vest
Fallen Angel Rose Boots
Evil Panda Leather Gloves
Mortal Kiss Silver Charm Bracelet

For the doll, I used:

DOT Flame Red Lipstick
DOT Black Eyeshadow
DOT White eyeshadow
DOT Black Liquid Eyeliner
DOT Peach Blush
LUXE Clear lipgloss

And of course, I used "smouldering Flinn" from the Mortal Kiss store....

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