Sunday, October 2, 2011

How to get my current doll. (Superstar)

First: Apply the eyelashes to each side. 2 on each side, but NOT directly on.
Here I applied the makeup. I forgot the surprise.. It's the "liquid" liner, to draw cat eyes, or just the wings. You put wings on the side next to the lashes. Put the black liner JUST where the lashes are, and the white in the corner. Here, I missed this too, but you use the eyeshadow JUST where the lashes are to darken where the liner can't.
Here, I applied the beauty marks. 2 under each eye. These are optional, but remember, this is what I have on my doll.
Last, I added the hat! This was an expensive hat.. feel free to replace it with anything else. If you try out this makeover, let me know in my guestbook! I get very upset if people copy my doll.... So try to let me know. Thanks!

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