Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Hallowe'en Tale...

Guardians Of The Horror...

The Horror. Something so terrible, nobody dares to even say it's name. The entrance to it is guarded by two, beautiful hooded women. Mysterious purple eyes peer out of the cage that it is kept in. And what lies past that cage.... nobody knows. Many have tried to find out the true identity of the Horror - they have never been seen since.



'Daria! Don't!'

Daria shrugged. She carried on walking towards the copse of dying trees. I tried again.

'Don't do it! You could get hurt!' I cried. Daria just laughed, and turned to face me.

'Oh, Savannah, don't be such a spoilsport!' she called back, 'It's Halloween, it should be fun!'

'Fun for the creature inside, maybe!' I shouted, 'Not for you!'

'Pur-lease!' Daria laughed, 'There's no creature. It's just some big hoax. I'll be fine, Savannah, just trust me.' I sighed. There was no way of persuading Daria - once she made up her mind to do something, she did it. So I gave up. Daria took one last look, rolled her eyes, and darted off into the copse.



I ran into the copse. But the deeper in I got, the slower I got. An owl hooted. A tree branch rattled. Somewhere, some grasshoppers were tuning their instruments for the night's concerto.

'I always liked that metaphor,' I said out loud, trying to reassure myself. But the lonely sound of my voice was anything but comforting.

I took one tentative step after another. Maybe Savannah was right, maybe The Horror was real. Maybe it would hurt me. But I was too far now to give up. I kept walking. I swear, as I passed the dying trees, I heard voices whisper my name. 'Daria...' they called, 'Come to us...'. I shuddered, but kept walking. Then I saw it. Purple eyes peering out of the shadows. Two, stunning, cloaked girls walking towards me. I screamed, and stopped walking. Not on purpose - I couldn't move. My heart was racing - and the two women were coming closer by the second.

I looked down at my feet. It felt like they were made of stone. Then I looked up. The hooded women were still advancing, cold smiles fixed onto their beautiful faces. 'What are you?' I screamed. They smiled. 'We are your worst fears made human. The guardians of The Horrors in your nightmares.' they whispered in unison. I gasped.

'The - The Horror? You - you guard it?' They nodded, their faces still cold masks. One woman reached out towards me. They touched my shoulder. I screamed one last time, and then everything went black.



'Daria!' I called. But I knew it was too late. Daria was no longer screaming. She had been eternally silenced by the Horror. The thought sent a chill down my spine. A chill that was too real. I gasped, and turned around to see two, young, stunningly beautiful women. They wore black hoods over shimmering black dresses. One, with dark hair, reached for my shoulder. 'You know our secret,' she whispered in a seductive voice. I gasped. Her hand then slid down from my shoulder to my waist. It was cold, and felt wrong. I went to brush it away, but another hand closed round my body, preventing me from moving. I tensed. 'Come... join us, sister,' the other, who had fair hair and cold eyes, murmured into my ear. She slipped a black cloak around my shoulders - the woman with dark hair let go.

And it all changed.

My vision took on a reddish hue.
My worries seemed to evaporate.
My skin was smoother - my body more beautiful than before.

Suddenly I felt enlightened. I smiled - Daria was gone. She was meaningless. This was my destiny. My sisters smiled back. 'Come...' they whispered, placing their hand on mine. I knew exactly what to do. I looked into their eyes, and everything went black.

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