Thursday, February 2, 2012

for the judges

 the entries for task to ready to judge on





thats hapsipersons above(the link)


  1. I REALLY LIKE AUDY1024 AND THINK THAT SUPER_nova should go!

  2. I'm not a Judge, But I Really Like the Second outfit.

    ~ bracken1234

  3. i love audy1024's outfit is cute and stylish that favourite in my words! but i dont think Goober234's is up to standard other judges?

  4. well i really like Super_nova98 cause when i seen it i was like wow i also really like Audy1024's too and crystaly3 but i agree with candyflossfa and i think that goober234 should go... so what about Audy1024 wins HDIC for the week and super_nova98 is the runner up and everyone else stays.. :]

    1. agreed so goober goes audy wins super_nova98 is runner up and rest stay?

    2. Yep i wonder what miss.h2o65 thinks

    3. I don't agree. I feel that Audy204 should be runner up and crystaly3 should win. Super_nova should stay but we should make a note to her to watch her match-ups more carefully. Goober goes though.

  5. Oh i love crystaly3's outfit :D

  6. Hey it's Mlions04 (Alexa) I can't get on my account so here are my reviews :)

    Goober34- It's plain. You should have added more accesories. It's just a dress, in my opinion I'm not fond of the dress, and plain heels. The purse is pretty but doesn't match. The gold just clashes the outfit and the outfit is more classy and the purse is more going to a club. Goober goes.

    Crystaly3- LOVE IT! It's so unique and crazy! The dress is so interesting and I loved how she paired it with the fishnets underneath! It totally matches up. The boots go in really well and that purse is to die for! The outfit is just really well put together. A+!

    Super_nova98- It's okay. There are a couple of things I don't like. First off what I immediately see is that the blue purse and the brown belt stick out like a sore thumb. Brown clashes in a not good way with black and the light blue does not go in at all. If that was taken away I figure it's a decent outfit. Although in all honesty I'm not fond of the jacket. Just the structure. And I personally think the outfit is just to much.

    Audy1024- I love this outfit. It's so girly/naturey inspired. It's simple and femminine. The only thing I don't like is the brown purse, it doesn't match up. If she left that out the outfit would have been perf. I love the jacket and the skirt those are key items in this outfit. I love this outfit!

    I think Goober234 should go, it was plain and boring and justa fashion don't.

    I believe that Audy204 or Crystaly3 should win. I feel their outfits were great and deserve to win.

    I think super_nova98's outfit was acceptable but we should just make a note to her that she was a second choice to be leaving. I don't think she matched well and it was to overdone.

    That was Alexa/Mlions04's thoughts :) Have a lovely day everyone.


    1. well we chose Audy1024 to win and super_nova98 as runner up :)