Monday, February 13, 2012

Cancer Survivor; True Story

There's a cancer survivor on stardoll; and her story effects so many lives and inspires to many people; you should see the comments she's been getting all week, ever since that blog post made by hawiianbody on stardoll's big starblog. Her name is Abigail, and when she was 14, she found out she had cancer. But she survived. Read her story and see why it's such an inspiration! Gifts have been streaming in, and everyone has read her album, I'd advise you do do the same. You can view her page here, and her album here. Also, visit her presentation to read all of the wonderful comments she's been receiving from stardollians all around the WORLD, and maybe give her a little one of your own; I know I did!
Thanks for reading this new post about Stardollian of the day. :)


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  1. that girl is a faker. cancer_surviver is going through a tough time and abigail..... stole the idea from her because cancer_surviver made her account first and came up with the name abigail first so now i don't like abigail.....