Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to make cool presentations (The Drag Method)

Many Dolls wonder...How do you make a cool presentations with backgrounds and cool text.Well with me i normally drag presentations off presentation accounts such as: Elite_Pres,ProPresentations and even blogs like: stardollsfabpages.blogspot.com.Anyways you are probably wondering whe is she going to tell me how to drag presentations to mine.Well i'll  tell your now :)
1.Open up two firefox or google chrome tabs either will work side by side.
2.Open your presentation on one side and a presentation account or blog on another.
3.highlight the presentation you want from the first bar to the last.Drag it to yours.
4.Do not copy and paste or else it will not work!
5.Now customize your presentation as you want it.It may be hard the first time but you'll get the hang of it.and always make sure you keep the credit on the presentation of the person who made it.Or else you'll end up on the copiers list!
Here is an example -this is mine i did not make it-:
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prettygirl|Karina|most of dc :)|

Hi,I'm Sabrina and i'm 11 years old!I been on stardoll since 2007!My b-day is September 26,so i am turning 12 this year.I am a loving christian!I have never in my life been a ss.I really enjoy stardoll and making friends.It's fun i guess.If you like me to join your clubs just ask me.You can send me a f/r,i accept allThankiesxxxx

My Dolls:I try everything!I don't just have one style.It's fun to try :)Please don't copy mine though.I dislike copiers.
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