Thursday, June 28, 2012

anime\manga eye tutorial easy

so i love this look it makes your eyes look much bigger and i think it looks great on anyone and yes some of the items used are worth stardollars but i hope you use this look and thanks! :D

                                                                    my inspiration picture
start with anymakeup you have on remember itdoesn't matter what your eye makeup is like because the anime eyes will cover it up. this is what i just happened to be wearing underneath my anime!
items i used starting top left: 2x sunny bunny deep blue lens, 2x flower from splendid
middle: x3 fake eyelashes from spectacular
bottom: 1x eyelashes from spectacular
                               cover both eyes with the flowers i know at this stage you look weird
             make the deep blue lens as big as you can and put them in the middle of the flowers
flip one of the fake eyelashes upside-down and make that the lower lash and place the other 2 at the top so that the look massive ! 

and that's your finished look  hope you liked it and please leave a comment because i love them and don't forget im candyflossfa and tell me if you want me to make more tutorials!